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- Ela é tão livre que um dia será presa. - Presa por quê? - Por excesso de liberdade. - Mas essa liberdade é inocente? - É. Até mesmo ingênua. - Então por que a prisão? - Porque a liberdade ofende.
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If you have writ your annals true, ‘tis there,
That, like an eagle in a dove-cote, I
Flutter’d your Volscians in Corioli:
Alone I did it. Boy! ~ Coriolanus, Act V, Scene 6

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Game of Thrones Character Portraits

Artist: chrisables

Check out their Qwertee profile AND VOTE!

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↳ like-a-winter-machine asked : jaime/brienne or fiona/jimmy

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Make me choose - Anonymous asked: Tyrion Lannister or Jaime Lannister?

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i’ve seen your flag on the marble arch
love is not a victory march
it’s a cold and it’s a broken hallelujah

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